Support For FBI Virus

Support For FBI Virus

FBI Virus is actually a scare-ware distributed by hackers where they try to scare the computer users by making them believe that they have committed a crime and their PCs have performed prohibited activities. FBI Virus pretends to lock your computer by a false message on your computer screen, this is when you are asked to pay for the crime which you are unaware of and in the state of panic they are convinced to pay the hefty charges for it. Such fake claims and threat misled the users by blocking their useful applications. This results in slow performance of their PCs and internet browsing. Whatever the users pay for crimes they have not done goes into the pockets of the actual criminals and hackers.

What you must know about FBI Virus?

The seal appearing on FBI virus looks exactly like FBI badge so no one can differentiate between the two. Moreover logos like Kmart and MoneyPak give it a real look thereby cheating all innocent users. FBI Virus is a big danger for the users as it remains undetected for a long time when the hackers take the full control of user’s PC and related keystrokes.

Our services as FBI Virus Help include:

  • Detecting FBI Virus PCs & its safe removal
  • Installation/Uninstallation of best suited antivirus for FBI Virus
  • Software Maintenance support for antivirus installed including Product Activation & Upgradation of software
  • Antivirus Subscription & Renewal
  • Removing third party Virus products
  • Support & Protection for Operating Systems
  • Solving software complexities and compatibility issues
  • General Troubleshooting